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Marisfrolg REAL


Time comes full circle and continues to sublimate when it has experienced the rebirth of spring, indulgence of summer, sentiment in autumn and meditation in winter. So does Marisfrolg, in her alternation for the nature and preparations for the next season’s gorgeousness and glory. The intimate interaction between water and shadow by and on the T-stage added intangible modern charm to the time-honored architecture of Beijing Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning. The restrained and natural simplicity in design oozed classy, poetic essence of the latest Marisfrolg Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

Marisfrolg REAL Autumn/Winter 2013 kicked off on March 23 in Beijing Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning. The silent and restrained waterside T-stage reflected both figures of enchantment and space of magnificence, blurring the reality and the illusion, and leading the audience to a palace radiating marvelous glows. Marisfrolg is always within her capacity to explore and discover the aesthetics in fashion, and has created a myriad of visionary and fantastic fashion images that bring not only refined, elegant appearance, but also inner fulfilment to ladies in an instant.

No matter the colors, the fabrics or the ingenuity, the latest Marisfrolg Autumn/Winter 2013 collection would totally sublimate your aesthetic experience. It is surreal, but also real. The clash of minimalist shape and luxury fabrics has turned the tide against the boredom and dreariness of this season, while the classical and tasteful array of enriched colors in white, red, green, yellow and blue against dark would dazzle the eyes with expected beauty of hues.

  • AW13

Fashion Mirror
The stiff and smooth kimono-styled coat well sets off the elegant curve of classical ladies, while knee-length skirt highlights the golden section proportion of the hot and curvy figure, revealing the fine lines like the shadow on the water.

The African Imprints
The worlds of dream and reality are entangled on the T-stage by Marisfrolg. The designer employs abundant African color elements to convey the mystery of exotic lands and modern times. Combining exquisite embroidery decorations and simplified shapes, the dress features elegance and nobility in streamlined designs.

The Freedom of Lace
The fabrics of the series give off a tint of textures that feel stiff outside but soft inside. The unbending profile of the dress embraces tender lace details in it, perfectly blending the strong and feminine nature of a lady and making it pop out of the dreary pattern of the autumn and winter seasons.

The Oriental Zen
In addition to the signature bold shape and simplified lines, the white of the Oriental Zen captures all the eyes with its limpid translucency, carrying unique intrapersonal taste and aesthetic sense of purity and grace. Containing sophisticated and delicate details of dragon totem elements, the full-length skit is bound to blow all minds of the audience.

The Feast of Dark and Gold
There is inexplicit chemistry when dark and gold are applied respectively on different fabrics. The aura of nobility and individuality illumines every single important moment of life for an elegant lady. It also injects some warmth into the quiescent show room.

Marisfrolg REAL Autumn/Winter 2013 brought us the tranquility as breezy as zen and as gentle as water. The elegant lines and simple designs are undoubtedly the outcome of sedimentary accretion of time and beauty. Tonight, in the interwoven world of water and shadow under the ancient architecture, Marisfrolg has lived up to her succinct expression of fashion through the showcase of each piece of design. It is a REAL surprise to see the seasonal charm turned into premium and privileged fashion.

The evening was splendid with numerous stars, including Fan Bingbing, Sun Honglei, Xu Fan, Zhang Guoli, Deng Jie, Tong Liya, Feng Shaofeng, Yao Di and the couple of Zou Jing. Also attended the pageant were media executives and big fashion names, such as Xiao Xue, Deng Li, Su Mang, Liu Ying and Cheng Min.