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In the evening of March 19 at Happy Coast Coconut Beach of Oversea Chinese City in Shenzhen, 2015 Marisfrolg Autumn and Winter Fashion Show with the theme of “Artistic Conception • Inner Beauty” kicked off the first Shenzhen Fashion Week. The site is designed in the light of “Artistic Conception • Inner Beauty”, to explore the self-confidence tension of contemporary women and to create meaningful and mysterious poetic space.

  • AW15

Dreamlike shadow and color
Texture of abundance derived from natural shape and color inadvertently breaks the boundaries of senses. Abstract texture has free rhythm, presenting the dreamlike and profound elegance in the dark tone, to release the vitality of life as far as possible. Changing color is blended in the audiences' hearts, leaving endless imagination for the clothes and ornaments.

Artisan tolerance
Details with the ingenuity of the artisan sketch the contours of the art outline, and they are derived from female self-confident elegant style. Subtle details express the kernel of inner beauty; the everlasting simpleness represents the artisan spirit that constitutes the trademark.

New warmth
Comparison of the force and tenderness breaks through the traditional sense of rhythm, bringing abundant sense of quantity while creating a delicate stereoscopic level, softening the rational boundary. Warm affection in autumn and winter season is poured into the meticulous design.

Marisfrolg constructs the artistic conception of inner beauty and depicts contemporary women's self-confidence with warm fine arts and crafts, sticking to the elegance of female in the changing light and shadow.