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Welcome to visit Marisfrolg attaches great importance to customers, and also respects their privacy. You must read through this privacy policy carefully, and make the appropriate choice you think in accordance with the guidelines of the Privacy Policy. According to this policy, we will collect, process, and use your personal information in accordance with the law, while you will receive brand marketing information of MARISFROLG. Through this Privacy Policy, we wish to show you how we collect, use, store, and share the information when you use our services, and we will provide you with the ways of access, update, control and protection of such information. If you use or continue to use our services, it means that you agree to our collection, use, storage and sharing of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about Marisfrolg's personal data and privacy policy, please contact us via the contact information provided below in the section of "How to Contact Marisfrolg".

I. What information does Marisfrolg collect?

We may collect, store, and use the following information when providing services:

1.The information you fill in when you register online or complete the electronic transaction of orders you place at .

2.The shared information you provide to other parties through our service;

3.The information you store when using our services;

4. The shared information about you provided by other parties when they use our services.

5. Log information, which refers to the technical information the system may automatically collect by cookies or other ways when you use our services, including:

(1) Equipment or software information, such as the configuration information of your mobile devices, web browser or other programs provided for access to our services, your IP address, and the version and equipment identification code of your mobile devices;

(2) The information you search or browse when using our services, for example, the web search words you use, URL address of the social media webpages you visit , and the information and other details your browse or are requested to provide when using our services;

(3) The information about the mobile applications (APP) and other software you have used, and the information that you have used these mobile applications and software;

(4) Location information, which refers to the information about your location collected when you open the positioning function of your device and use the location-based services provided by us:

(5) The information of your geographical location collected by GPS or WiFi, when you use our services through mobile devices with positioning function;

(6) The real-time information including your location provided by you or other users, for example, your location information indicated by the account information you provide, the shared information of your present location or the location you have been to, and information of geographical indications contained in the pictures provided by you or other people;

II. Do I have to provide my personal information?

Marisfrolg will not force you to provide your personal information. But in some cases, if you do not provide your personal information, you may not be able to register to be our user or cannot use all functions of Marisfrolg website or are unable to enjoy partial benefits of the membership, or cannot reach the effect of related services designed to achieve. For example, if you do not provide sufficient personal information, we will not be able to process your order and arrange the delivery.

III. How does Marisfrolg use my information?

At any time, when you agree to this Privacy Policy, that means you agree to our use of your personal information. We may use your above personal information for the following purposes:

1. To provide you with services;

2. To improve the function of the company's website and consumer interface design, enhance consumers' attitude towards our products, and improve the service provided to you;

3. To analyze consumer behavior, trends and preferences so that we can better design our product procurement;

4. To protect the security and integrity of Marisfrolg website and business;

5. To process and execute your orders, including sending you email and/ or SMS/ or pushing social media information to confirm your order status and delivery details;

6. To deal with the registration, password retrieval and other issues related to the website by sending email, SMS or pushing social media information;

7. To communicate with you irregularly: sending you information about Marisfrolg's products, services, promotional activities of clothing, footwear and accessories, membership integral activities and VIP special discount, birthday gifts and coupons, survey and new store opening via email, mail, telephone, SMS or other means like social media, so as to help Marisfrolg know more about your shopping preferences and enhance your shopping experience;

8. To allow you to participate in the survey of our products and services.

To allow you to have a better experience, improve our service or for other purposes you agree, we may, on the premise of compliance with relevant laws and regulations, use the information collected through a certain service for our other services in the means of accumulated information or in a personalized way. For example, the information collected when you use one of our services may be used in another service to provide you with specific content, or to show you related, non-universal push information. If we provide the appropriate options in the relevant service, you can also authorize us to use the information provided and stored by the service for our other services.

IV. Will MARISFROLG provide my information to the third parties?

In addition to any of the following circumstances, we and our affiliates will not share your personal information with any third party without your consent:

We and our affiliates may share your personal information with our affiliates, partners and the third-party service providers, franchisees and agents (for example, the communications service providers who send emails or push notifications on behalf of us, and the map service providers who provide the position data for us) (they may not be located in the region within your jurisdictions) for the following purposes:

(1) To provide you with our services;

(2) To realize parts of the purpose described in the section of "How Does Marisfrolg Use My Information";

(3) To fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights under this Privacy Policy;

(4) To understand, maintain and improve our services.

If we or our affiliates share your personal information with any of the aforesaid third parties, we will work hard to ensure that such third parties should comply with the Privacy Policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures we require when they use your personal information.

With the continuous development of our business, we and our affiliates may conduct mergers, acquisitions, transfers of assets or similar transactions, and your personal information may be transferred as part of such transactions. We will notify you before the transfer.

We or our affiliates may retain, save or disclose your personal information for the following reasons:

(1) To comply with applicable laws and regulations;

(2) To comply with the court orders or the provisions of other legal procedures;

(3) To comply with the requirements of relevant government agencies;

(4) To comply with applicable laws and regulations, maintain social public interests, or protect the personal and property safety or legitimate rights and interests of our customers, us or our group company, other users or employees reasonably and necessarily.

V. How do you access and control your personal information

We will do everything possible to take the appropriate technical means to ensure that you can access, update and correct your registration information or other personal information provided when using our services. When accessing, updating, correcting, and deleting the aforesaid information, we may ask you to verify your identity in order to protect the security of your account.

You can contact us via the section titled "How to Contact Marisfrolg" on the website, and ask for a backup of your personal information or update your personal information. We would like to inform you that, if you inform us by email, your personal information backup and update will be completed within 10 days; if you inform us by mail, your personal information backup will be completed within 15 days, and your personal information update will be completed within 30 days.

VI. How do I choose to receive promotional information?

We will contact you through email only when you subscribe to Marisfrolg information. At any time, if you do not want to receive promotional information or other information sent by Marisfrolg, you can enter your mailbox in the personal center or the web navigation page to unsubscribe.

Please note that when you use online shopping, we will continue to confirm your order status and delivery by email. We may also contact you by telephone, email, or mail on the issues or information related to the orders.

VII. Information Security

We only retain your personal information within the time period for the purposes required by the Privacy Policy and the time required by the laws and regulations. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to prevent the loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure of information. For example, in some services, we will use encryption techniques (such as SSL) to protect your personal information. But please understand that, due to technical limitations and the possible existence of a variety of malicious means, even if we do everything possible to strengthen security measures, it is not always possible to ensure the safety of information by one hundred percent. You need to understand that the system and communication network that you access to our services is likely to be affected by factors beyond our control.

VIII. How are we likely to use cookies

We or our third-party partners may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacons, and store the information as log information.

We use our own cookies and web beacons, which is aimed to provide you with a more personalized user experience and services, and satisfy the following purposes:

Remember your identity. For example: Cookies and web beacons can help us identify your identity as our registered user, or save the information about your preferences or other information you provide to us;

Analyze your use of our services. For example, we can use cookies and web beacons to see what activities you use our services for, or which pages or services are most favored by you, thus to enhance or personalize your browsing and online shopping experience;

Cookies and web beacons may help us provide you with relevant advertisements rather than the general ones based on your information. We can use cookies to help you use specific website function, including remembering the goods in your shopping cart, and storing your preferences, so that when you visit the Marisfrolg website again, it can recognize you, track your orders, and monitor and maintain the information on your access to the Marisfrolg website. Within the scope of your personal information you have authorized us to use, cookies may collect the transaction information for the customer membership plan (see if Marisfrolg will share my information with third parties).

When we use cookies and web beacons for the above-mentioned purposes, we may provide the non-personal identity information through the cookies and web beacons to the advertisers or other partners after statistical processing, and use it for analyzing how users use our services and for advertising service.

In our products and services, there may be cookies and web beacons set by advertisers or other partners. These cookies and web beacons may collect non-personal identity information related to you, in order to analyze how users use the service, send you advertisements you may be interested in, or for the assessment of advertising effect. These third-party cookies and web beacons that collect and use such information, are not subject to the Privacy Policy, but are constrained by the privacy policies of relevant users, and we shall not bear the responsibility for the third-party cookies or web beacons.

You can refuse or manage cookies or web beacons through the browser settings. Note, however, that if you disable the cookies or web beacons, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, and some services may not be available normally. At the same time, you will receive the same amount of advertisements, but these ads will have reduced relevance with you.

IX. How does Marisfrolg use pixel tags

We may use "pixel tags" (also called "web beacons" or "web bugs") on the Marisfrolg website and email. Pixel tags are some small images that can help Marisfrolg analyze customers' online behaviors, and measure the effectiveness of Marisfrolg website and advertising. Marisfrolg works with a number of suppliers, who help Marisfrolg track, collect and analyze the information.

The pixel tags on the Marisfrolg website can be used to collect information about your access to the website, including the webpage browsed, the use of functions, links clicked and other site-related behaviors. Such information may include the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the company, browser type, operating system, date and time information, and other technical information about the system. We may also track the information about the website you have just visited before access to the Marisfrolg website. In addition to the foregoing behaviors, Marisfrolg will not track your access to other websites in any other way.

The pixel tags and cookies in Marisfrolg emails can be used to track the information about when you receive, open or click the links in emails.

Marisfrolg also cooperates with the third-party companies, so as to use their tracking technology to release advertisements on the Internet for Marisfrolg. These companies can collect information about your access to the Marisfrolg website and the way to deal with Marisfrolg ads and other messages.

Marisfrolg can integrate information collected by cookies and pixel tags with other information that has been collected from you. This information may be used to optimize the Marisfrolg website, personalize your online experience, make it easy for you to customize the information, and determine the effectiveness of Marisfrolg ads and other internal business purposes.

For more information or if you wish to exit the Marisfrolg information collection plan, please see the section of “How to Contact Marisfrolg”.

X. Email and information push

When you use our services, we may use your information to send email, news, or push notifications to your device. If you do not want to receive such information, you can choose to unsubscribe from the device by following our relevant tips.

XI. Service related announcements

We may issue a service related announcement to you when necessary, such as when a service is suspended due to system maintenance. You may not be able to cancel these announcements that relates to services but not belong to the promotion.

XII. Scope of the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy applies only to the information we collect, and is not applicable to the use of services or information provided by any third party, and we will not take any responsibility for the use of information you provide by any third party. Except for some specific services, all of our services are applicable to this Privacy Policy. These specific services will apply specific privacy policies. And the specific privacy policies for specific services will describe how we use your information in such services more specifically. The privacy policies for these specific services constitute a part of this Privacy Policy. If there is a discrepancy between the privacy policy of the specific services and this Privacy Policy, the privacy policy for the specific services shall prevail.

Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the following circumstances:

(1) Information collected by the third party (including any third-party website) through the access to our services;

(2) Information gathered by other companies or institutions that conduct advertising service in our services.

Marisfrolg is not responsible for the contents or behaviors of these websites. We suggest that you review the privacy policy of any other website prior to accessing through the Marisfrolg website.

XIII. How to contact Marisfrolg

If you have any questions about Marisfrolg's personal data and its privacy policy, or want to know how to receive promotional data or other information of Marisfrolg, or wish to update your personal information, please contact us through the following ways:

XIV. Changes

We may revise the terms of the Privacy Policy as appropriate, and such revisions shall constitute a part of this Privacy Policy. Marisfrolg will release updated policies on its website. If we make substantial changes to this policy, we will notify you in due course. In that case, if you continue to use our services, that means you agree to be bound by the revision of this Privacy Policy.