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In the evening of March 18, 2016 Marisfrolg Autumn and Winter Fashion Show with the theme of “New Grace” unveiled the Shenzhen Fashion Week. Conforming to the artistic tone of fashion, the venue of this fashion show is themed with the concept of "Natural, Architectural, Artistic symbiosis”, so that the Marisfrolg can explore the fusion power of fashion and art.

Fashion has always been the most straightforward and aesthetic expression of art. Marisfrolg fashion show of this season takes the "new art movement" as an inspiration: to abandon the complicated and restrained decoration aesthetics in fashion, and to return to the minimalist lines and contour with more liberal modern style. Marisfrolg of this season not only has the comfort and fashion that should be in the haute couture, but also has a more accurate interpretation to the new attitude of contemporary independent women: calm, rational and elegant modern.

  • AW16

Minimal Profile
Returning to the fashion itself, Marisfrolg outlines the building silhouette with a sense of structure with minimal linear trim, and highlights the worth and observability of the fashionable dress with the fabric texture details of the material texture, to achieve an accurate balance in the dramatic tension and adaptability of fashion.

Color Series of Quantity Feeling
Different from the current popular color system, Marisfrolg chooses lively red, olive green, mild yellow and many other rich and hierarchical colors for this season; color series of quality feeling for this season is throughout the natural and unrestrained main tone of black, white and gray, with the impartial and perfect rational expression of women's emotions.

Full Details
In minimalist fashion style, Marisfrolg is in full details for this season: profile structure, asymmetric cut, and impartial outfit, to create a rich sense of hierarchy, to move freely, and to have fun; waist tie and plump fur embellishment, to express the plump and quantity sense; restructuring and structure of the classic stripes, patterns, etc.; in the expression and presentation of these details, it is more cutting-edge and modern in the design.

The fashion show of Marisfrolg redefines the concept of elegance from an artistic point of view, bringing the focus of fashionable dress back to the center of art and life to interpret the unique new beauty of the humanistic care.