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Marisfrolg Fashion Group

Marisfrolg Fashion Group is dedicated to operation of high-end fashion brands, which is specialized in design, production, sales and branding and targeted at developing China brands of the world. It deems fashion, aesthetics, perfection seeking, professional and considerate service as the stimulus of corporate growth. After experiencing more than 20 years efforts, it has become an outstanding fashion group in China that has brand spirit and professional competency.



Introduction of MFG Brands

Now the Group owns six brands, namely, Marisfrolg, Marisfrolg.SU, AUM, ZHUCHONGYUN, Krizia and MDC. More than 700 shops have been opened in 106 cities in China, Milan of Italy and Singapore, etc., employing over 6,000 Chinese and overseas employees.




As the principal brand of Marisfrolg Fashion Group, Marisfrolg is now 24 years old. Since its inception, Marisfrolg has kept pursuing its brand dream by adopting the plain, elegant and pure design style, the perfection-seeking craftsmanship, and the professional and considerate service philosophy. After experiencing more than 20 years of hard work, Marisfrolg has become an excellent women’s fashion brand in China.




Marisfrolg.SU is a dynamic brand for young consumers. It is inspired by street culture and contemporary art. It integrates aspiration for quality life and personal expressions into contemporary urban life. In a keen way, it interprets the life of young lady consumers featured by happiness, honesty, frankness and freedom. By presenting the rich colors, funny and stylish designs, the most original matching and detail ornaments, it establishes the simple, pure, free-styled, modern and fashionable image.




ZHUCHONGYUN is an brand of individual design owned by Marisfrolg that has greatest international influence. Led by ZHU Chongyun, Founder of Marisfrolg Fashion Group, ZHUCHONGYUN hopes to interpret and share its perception of fashion, life, art and beauty. It is now the first brand of individual designer in China that has joined the tier of international brands.




AUM is a designer brand emphasized by Marisfrolg Fashion Group. HUANG Genghua, the young but talented fashion designer is the new-generation design growing up in fashion industry in China in recent years. A-U-M stands for the voice of nature that focuses on philosophy of life aesthetics seen in urban ladies who resume natural innocence.




The Krizia brand headquartered in Milan has a history of more than 60 years. The pioneering design philosophy is favored by celebrities of all fields in the world. The Founder Ms. Mariuccia Mandelli occupies a lofty position in the history of fashion development in Italy. In 2014, ZHU Chongyun, as the next-generation leader of Krizia took the leadership from Ms. Mandelli to kick off a new era of Krizia. Since then, Krizia brand has become an important platform for Marisfrolg Fashion Group to go international.




MDC stands for Marisfrolg Design Collective. It is a platform built by Marisfrolg Fashion Group for the development young designers and for prosperity of fashion industry in China. By taking advantage of the strong points of Marisfrolg Fashion Group in capital, channel, supply chain and management, it ensures the young designers in China can have a stage to present their ability, thus creating more possibilities to identify more individual designer brands in fashion industry of China.




Ms. Zhu Chongyun

Ms. Zhu Chongyun



Headquarters in Shenzhen

The headquarters building, is located at Longhua—the fashion industry base in Shenzhen, China.



Headquarters of KRIZIA in Italy

Located in Via Manin Street, Milan, Italy and with a history of 300 years, the building is the headquarters of KRIZIA.